Why our packaging is a sustainable choice

Why our packaging is a sustainable choice

At Three Robins we’re very conscious of our product’s impact on the environment. We understand that many people turn to plant-based alternatives, especially plant-based milks, as a more environmentally friendly choice. When we were developing our first Three Robins products it was important to us too. 

For this reason, we were keen to launch an ambient product as it improves efficiency in distribution, reduces food waste and increases the convenience for our customers. 

Aseptic cartons are the foil lined cardboard cartons that fruit juices most commonly come in. Since these cartons are made of mixed materials (cardboard, foil and plastic) in the past it has been difficult or impossible to recycle them. This is not the case anymore. It is now possible to recycle these cartons across all of Scotland and the UK. Check out our post on packaging recycling to learn more! 

Our aseptic cartons are produced by SIG and made using 100% renewable energy and 100% FSC-certified paperboard. If recycled the cartons can be fully broken down with the paperboard being reused at paper mills. While the plastic lids and foil insides can be recycled together into roof tiles and furniture, or recycled separately for a wide range of uses.  


"SIG packs offer a smaller carbon footprint than alternative packaging."


SIG packaging sustainability


Compared to 1 litre plastic bottles (PET bottles) the Three Robins cartons use 45% less CO2 and 57% less fossil resources. You can read more about SIG packaging on their website here.

While we can’t reuse the cartons again for our oat milk, they are fully recyclable. Or if you’re a bit crafty maybe you or your kids have a good use for the empty cartons. Check out our Instagram for some of the alternative uses we’ve found and if you have any great ideas we would love to see them! 




Quote and chart from https://www.sig.biz/gb/responsibility/sustainability 

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