Our Story

Hello, I'm Karen!

I'm a mum of three small boys...the original "three robins". When our middle son developed a lactose intolerance, we looked for a plant-based alternative that would fit in with family life, meet our kids’ nutritional needs and, of course, taste awesome!

Filled with natural goodness, we knew that oats were the answer. So we set about creating a range of oat drinks which are rich in calcium, and fortified with the good stuff we all need for healthy bodies and active minds.

Our oat milks have a creamy, neutral taste that appeals to kids but with the nutritional profile to reassure parents that switching to plant-based doesn’t mean missing out. It is our ambition to make nutritious, tasty and versatile oat milk-based products that meet the needs of busy families and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, at home, at school and work or on the go.

As parents, we know that fuelling the family with healthy, tasty meals and snacks every day is so important for making sure that we’re all ready for life’s big (and little) adventures. We hope that your family will love Three Robins as much as we do!