Do Three Robins oat drinks have added sugar? 

Our original oat milk contains 3g of sugar per 100ml, all of this is naturally occurring. We don’t add any sugar as we know our oat milk is just the right sweetness already. The sugar content of our oat milk is also lower than supermarket brand semi skimmed milk!

Our chocolate milk does contain just a little bit of added sugar to bring out the chocolate flavour. However at just 3.1g per 100ml our sugar content is 30% lower than any other dairy or non-dairy chocolate milk.

What does fortified mean? 

Fortified means increasing the nutritional value of a food by adding vitamins and minerals. Both of our oat drinks are fortified with vitamins B2, B12, D, calcium, folic acid and iodine. All of these vitamins and minerals are essential for keeping you and your little ones happy and healthy! Read more about it on our blog post, here.

Is Three Robins oat drink organic? 

By fortifying our oat drinks it means they cannot be classified as organic. We have chosen to prioritise making an oat drink that has all the vitamins and minerals a growing family needs, but keep an eye on our website for any new products we add to our range!

Is Three Robins oat drink gluten free? 

Sourcing a gluten free supply chain for our oats is not possible at this time, but we’ll let you know if and when this changes.

Does it contain lactose? 

Our oat drinks are made from water and oats, meaning they're completely dairy, lactose, soy and nut free!

Why does it contain oil? 

We use a small amount of rapeseed oil in our recipe to help give it a full and creamy texture and ensure it froths beautifully for all your barista needs!

Can you use it in tea? 

Whether your go to is a cup of tea or a cup of coffee in the morning, our original oat drink works perfectly in both!  

Three Robins original oat drink has a creamy and neutral taste and our recipe was specially formulated with your cup of tea in mind so that the natural taste of tea is not overpowered. Our original oat drink has no artificial flavourings and no added sugar but does have some naturally occurring sugars which makes it a similar sweetness to semi skimmed cow's milk. 

Is it barista standard? 

Our original oat drink is barista standard, so you can use it at home for making that perfect latte or flat white and the natural creaminess of oats makes it an ideal accompaniment to coffee. You’ll also find Three Robins at lots of cafes around Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland where baristas love using it for the perfect latte art. 

We love seeing your latte art made with our oat drink so whether you're out at your favourite coffee spot or a talented at home barista, post a picture and tag us on social media @threerobinsoats. 

Does it work as a substitute for cow’s milk? 

Yes, our original oat drink can be substituted in any recipe that uses cow’s milk in exactly the same quantities. It has a creamy neutral flavour making it an ideal ingredient in cooking and baking. It also tastes delicious on your cereal or as a drink for your little ones.

Is your oat milk made in Scotland?

We are proud to be a Scottish company, based in Edinburgh. 

Our oat drinks are made here in the UK, at a BRC certified manufacturer in England. We hope that one day we will be able to make our oat milk in Scotland, but there is currently no manufacturing facility that can process and pack plant-based drinks like ours in shelf-stable cartons. 

Is the packaging fully recyclable? 

Three Robins oat drinks come in a SIG Combidome carton. It’s fully recyclable and is produced using 100% renewable energy. Our packaging has a very low carbon footprint and you can read more about it on their website. We also have a handy blog post listing how you can recycle it in each major city in Scotland, check it out here

Using shelf stable cartons is important for us as it improves efficiency in distribution, reduces food waste and increases the convenience for our customers – you can keep the cartons in the cupboard so you never have to run out. We know this last point is very important in busy family life! Our cartons are also fully recyclable, making them a good choice for the environment too. 

Where do you ship? 

We can deliver to anywhere in the UK by courier. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about delivery or if you are unsure if we can deliver to you! Email us at hello@threerobins.co.uk.

How much is shipping? 

Shipping is currently £3.99 for mainland delivery in the UK, however delivery is free for orders over £30.

How can you become a stockist for Three Robins? 

We are always looking for new stockists and cafes to be part of the Three Robins family! Email us at sales@threerobins.co.uk for more information on products and trade pricing.