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Recycle Us!

Recycle Us! 

Cutting down on plastic consumption is one of the many changes we can make at home to help stop the climate crisis. However, this can be a daunting task when you get to the shops and everything seems to come in some kind of plastic packaging. The good news is that cartons like the one our oat milk comes in can be recycled. 

We thought it would be helpful to provide some details on how and where to recycle our cartons in the major cities across Scotland. 


Edinburgh – Cartons go in your green bin. Rinse, squash and leave the lid on. 

Glasgow – You can take your cartons to one of the four recycling centres across Glasgow or in many big supermarket car parks. Glasgow is the only major city in Scotland not to provide at home recycling of cartons, however at the start of this year a £21 million investment into Glasgow City Councils recycling facilities was announced so hopefully this will change soon! 

Stirling – Cartons go in your blue bin. 

Dunfermline – Cartons go in your green bin 

Dundee – Cartons go in your burgundy bin or red lid bin. Rinse and squash. 

Perth – Cartons go in your blue bin. 

Aberdeen – Cartons go in your brown bin. 

Inverness – Cartons go in your blue bin. Lids can be recycled too, but they need to be taken off. 


This list only covers the major cities in Scotland, and there are 32 different councils so it's definitely worth checking your local council's website if you’re not sure! 

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