Healthy Kids Snack Ideas

Healthy Kids Snack Ideas

The Easter holidays are here which means longer days, road trips to see family and full-time kids! 

We’ve gathered a list of our favourite snack recipes from Instagram that are quick and easy to make yourself (...or with some little helpers) to make those long car journeys a little easier! 

  • Hey_Renu has a recipe for a super simple and tasty banana bread which she made using Three Robins oat milk. It’s a great snack for both you and the kids and a recipe we make again and again. 


  • Gems Wholesome Kitchen has a recipe for soft chocolatey cookies, they’re really easy and it’s a great base recipe for adding any kind of treats to, you could add mini eggs, raisins, nuts or anything you fancy! 


  • Sneaky Veg Blog have a recipe for classic porridge bars with added fruit, they’re great for younger kids or a healthy snack in a lunch box. 


  • Annabel Karmel has a recipe for easy peanut butter and rice krispie balls, they’re the perfect treat to keep kids going on longer days. 


  • Kilduff Farm posted a recipe for pumpkin drop cookies, the recipe is nice and simple and includes grated pumpkin through it to add some hidden veg to your kids' snacks! 


  • Healthy Family Food Ideas have created a recipe for making your own jelly sweets which are surprisingly easy to make and you can make them any shape you want, if anyone knows where to get good robin shaped molds let us know! 


We’ve included links to all of the recipes above but you'll also find links to them on our Instagram highlights. Our highlights are full of lots of useful information like stockists, sampling days and recipe inspiration so definitely worth checking out!  

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