Our chocolate oat drink was a hit in last month’s Hello Yummy Box!

Our chocolate oat drink was a hit in last month’s Hello Yummy Box!


We launched our new chocolate oat drink six months ago and the response has been brilliant. So many of you are loving it!

Three Robins chocolate oat drink is lower in sugar than any other flavoured milk available, it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals including vitamin D, B12 and calcium. But most importantly – it’s DELICIOUS!

It’s light and creamy with a smooth chocolate taste, perfect for hot chocolates, baking or enjoying on its own. We’ve loved taking a flask of warm chocolate milk on our winter walks.

It's not just us who are loving it, in September last year our chocolate oat drink was awarded a bronze award in the Nourish Vegan awards. We got to go to an awards ceremony in London to receive the award which was pretty exciting (and a nice change from packing orders in the warehouse!).

Last month we decided to include it in the December Hello Yummy Box. Hello Yummy curate treat boxes packed with goodies from British start up brands such as Tony Chocolonely, Nomo and Joes Tea Co. so it was an honour to be included in last month’s line up!

We sent out a total of 1750 samples and we received so much positive feedback. 86% of respondents said they would choose Three Robins Chocolate milk over any other flavoured milk and 78% said they will be recommending it to their friends!

Lots of customers were sharing how they enjoyed our chocolate milk on social media too with one customer using it to create a salted caramel protein shake, we’re definitely going to be trying that recipe!

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