Health Benefits of Drinking Oat Milk

Health Benefits of Drinking Oat Milk

When you’re making changes to your children’s or your whole family’s diet it can be hard to know if what they’re eating is providing all the nutrition they need. Three Robins oat milks are specially designed with families in mind, that’s why our oat milks are fully fortified with all the vitamins and minerals your family needs and we’re committed to keeping our products as low sugar as possible. 


Here’s a list of all the health benefits of adding oat milk to your diet! 

Vitamins B2 and B12 – Three Robins oat milks are fortified with vitamins B2 and B12. B vitamins are essential for keeping your nervous system healthy and for releasing energy into your body throughout the day. Our oat milks contain 0.375ug per 100ml of B12 which is 15% of your recommended daily intake. Other sources of vitamin B are eggs, mushrooms and fortified cereals. 

Vitamin D - This vitamin helps to keep your bones, muscles and teeth strong so it’s pretty important! During the summer we can get most of our vitamin D requirements from the sun. However, in the winter months it's important to make sure you’re getting it from your diet or supplements. Three Robins oat milk is rich in vitamin D and contains 15% of your recommended daily intake, other sources include egg yolks and fortified foods such as cereals. 

Folic Acid – This vitamin helps the body form red blood cells which carry oxygen from your lungs to your whole body. Three Robins oat milk is fortified with 7.5% of our recommended daily intake. 

Calcium – Essential for healthy bones, teeth and blood! This vitamin is most associated with cow's milk but Three Robins oat milk is also rich in calcium, containing 120mg per 100ml which is 15% of your recommended daily intake. This is also not far behind supermarket brand semi skimmed cow's milk which contains 124mg per 100ml. 

Iodine – This vitamin helps keep cells in your body healthy and regulates your metabolism. Our oat milk contains 7.5% of your recommended daily intake. Other great sources of iodine include, eggs, fish and some plant foods however the iodine levels vary greatly. 

Beta-Glucans – This is a type of fibre that keeps your heart healthy, stabilises your blood sugar levels and promotes a healthy immune system. Beta-glucans can be found in mushrooms, rice, wheat and oats, so are naturally occurring in our oat milks and we add in some extra to our original oat milk. 

Sugar – Our original oat milk contains 3g of sugar per 100ml, all of this is naturally occurring. We don’t add any sugar as we know our oat milk is just the right sweetness already. The sugar content of our oat milk is also lower than supermarket brand semi skimmed milk! Our chocolate milk does contain just a little bit of added sugar to bring out the chocolate flavour. However at just 3.1g per 100ml our sugar content is 30% lower than any other dairy or non-dairy chocolate milk. 

You can find out more about what each vitamin does and how to add more to your diet on the NHS website.

Overall, Three Robins oat milk has many health benefits and provides many of the necessary vitamins and minerals you and your kids need throughout the day. That’s why using our oat milk on your kid's cereal and in your tea or coffee is a really great way to start your day! 

We love to see how you use our oat milk and what recipes you're adding it to, so next time post a picture and tag us @threerobins! 

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