Did you know Three Robins oat milks are barista standard?

Did you know Three Robins oat milks are barista standard?

What does barista standard mean? 

It means our oat milks are perfect for using in your tea and coffee at home or at your local coffee shop. For an oat milk to be barista standard it has to froth well to make the perfect latte and it must not split when added to tea or black coffees. 


Aren’t all plant milks barista standard? 

No, not all plant milks are but Three Robins oat milk is barista standard. We specially formulated our recipe to be perfect for a lovely creamy latte or light and frothy cappuccino.  


So barista standard means it only works in coffee? 

Three Robins original oat drink has a creamy and neutral taste and is designed with your cup of tea in mind so that the natural taste of tea is not overpowered. Unlike many other plant milks, our oat milk won’t split in your tea or coffee. 


How do you make oat milk barista standard? 

The secret is in our recipe which we had a team of food scientists work hard on. When we are mixing our oat milk we add some additional enzymes which help it to foam when being steamed. These enzymes also help to stop the oat milk from splitting in your tea. 


How does it taste? 

We think that some barista standard oat milks can be too thick to enjoy on their own and can make your coffee too heavy. Three Robins oat milk is not only barista standard but is also light and creamy with a neutral taste. It’s perfect in tea and coffee as it doesn’t overpower the flavour. Our oat milk is delicious in a glass on its own too so it’s great for families who need a milk alternative their kids can enjoy and they can actually use in their morning cuppa. Three Robins oat milks are the perfect all rounder for busy families on the go! 


“We absolutely love using Three Robins oat milk at our Coffee Bar. It textures beautifully and makes a lovely silky flat white. The chocolate oat milk is a fantastic option for kids too. It's great to work with a small local business like ours and to use oat milk that's made in the UK.” 

- Eve from Argyll Coffee Roasters 


“Best oat milk we’ve found! Delicious in cereal, coffee, for cooking, plus our kids love drinking it.” 

- Emma on TrustPilot 


“It genuinely is delicious just in a glass, but the real test for me was whether it made me a decent oat milk latte. It does! It froths up perfectly and tastes amazing.” 

- HG on TrustPilot 

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